Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8 Minutes To 6 Pack Abs

8 Minutes to 6 Pack Abs

That’s right! 8 Minutes – call me crazy but I swear by this ab workout. BTW...the photo of that handsome man up there is my Troy Boy =]. Do this at least 4x per week and you WILL see results!

Workout For: Men and Women
Body Parts: Abdominals and Obliques
Equipment: No Equipment Needed

This short but intense workout will sculpt and tone your abdominal and oblique muscles just in time for all those summer pool parties.

Since this is a short, high-intensity workout, you’ll easily be able to squeeze it into your days no matter how busy you get. I’d recommend doing the workout after a cardio session for faster results.

Aim towards doing this workout daily. The first few days are tough because you will be sore, but once you start seeing your washboard abs develop, you’ll have no problem doing this daily.

The Workout:

Push Throughs – 45 seconds

Single Leg Raises – 45 seconds

30 second rest

Push Throughs – 45 seconds

Vertical Leg Crunches – 45 seconds

30 second rest

Cross Arm Crunch – 45 seconds

Arm Reaching Sit Up – 45 seconds

This awesome workout originally came from – follow along with the 8 Minute Ab Workout Video


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