Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ultimate Fat Burning Cardio

Cardio is necessary to lose fat all over your body but Interval Training is the ultimate fat burner and pertinent to giving your body that boost it needs to lose those stubborn extra pounds. Pushing yourself for the short bursts and then slowing down just enough to recover so you can push yourself again.

Top benefits to interval training:

1.       Increase your overall speed
2.       Increase your stamina
3.       Increase your afterburn. What does that mean? Afterburn is the period of time in which your body continues to burn calories post workout. Did I mention that interval training targets your waistline! =O

So you’re saying I can burn more overall calories in a shorter amount of time? Yes!

Here’s the latest interval workout I’ve been working on:
-3 Minutes on the Treadmill - your speed will vary depending on your height, but you should be running at a quick pace
-3 Minutes on the Stair Stepper – this is your recovery time

Interval training works for all types of cardio, so if you prefer the elliptical and the rowing machine, pair them for 25-45 minutes. The key is to push yourself on those short bursts, it’s only for 3 minutes, YOU CAN DO IT! 

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