Thursday, June 6, 2013

Morning Workout Routines

Morning Routines and Neural Wake-Up Calls are key to seeing results in your body and your day. Studies have shown that exuding energy first thing in the morning will cause increased productivity, overall body relaxation and amplified endorphin production.
The Rules:
1.        Must be done immediately after you wake up.
I know mornings are rough but it totally gets your day off to a good start. A good morning= a good day. Be consistent and get in the habit, the pay off is worth it.
2.        Include a Blood-Pumping Exercise
Examples are Jump Squats, Lunges, Explosive Pushups. Including at least one of explosive movements will increase your blood flow, boost your metabolism for the day and stimulate muscle building.

3.        Include a Static Stretch (movements that stretch the muscles while the body is at rest or cooling down)
Examples are Bulgarian Split Squats, Spiderman Lunges, Hindu Pushups. This will make your body feel great the remainder of the day improving mobility and range of movement.

4.        Keep it Short and Simple
Don’t overdo it, you want to look forward to your morning routine or you won’t do it! Under 15 minutes and change things up from time to time.

5.        Choose exercises that match your body goals
Men – if you’re objective s are abs and shoulders, focus your routine around those areas.
Girlies – if you’re aiming for a killer butt, get at those squats and lunges!

Example of a Men’s Morning Routine - Run through it once on workout days and twice on non-workout days.
Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squats, OR Single-Leg Squats – 3 second hold 10-15 Reps Per Leg
Plank, RKC Plank, V-sit, OR Ab Raises – Hold for 15-30 seconds
Incline Push-Ups, Hand Walkouts, ORDecline Push-Ups – 10-15 Reps
Side Planks, OR Push-Up Position Planks – 15-30 Second Hold
Russian Twists, Pike-Ups, Leg raises, OR Bicycle Crunches – 15-30 Reps
Jump Squats, Jump LungesFrog Leaps, OR Tornado Jumping Jacks – 10-15 Reps

Example of Women’s Morning Routine – Run through it once on workout days and twice on non-workout days.
Squats – 3-second hold – 10-15 Reps
Single Leg Deadlifts – 20-30 Reps
Push-Ups, Bench Dips – 10-15 Reps
Planks, V-sit, Ab Raises – 15-30 Second Hold
Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squats, Single Leg Squats – 10-12 Reps Per Leg
Jump Squats, Jump Lunges, Tornado Jumping Jacks – 10-15 Reps

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