Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beginner HIIT // 20 Minute Cardio

High Intensity interval Training

I've talked about this before and shared a few HIIT workouts. I love HIIT more than an awesome CrossFit workout! Great for getting you through a plateau and great for your motivation because - This. Will. Yield. Results. But It will kick your butt first. =]

HIIT can be done with more than just cardio, it applies to lifting as well. Check out my HIIT 100 workouts! 

The Workout:

Warmup with a 5 minute walk

30 second sprint

3 minute jog

30 second sprint

1 minute walk


What HIIT workouts have you tried before?  


  1. Adding some high intensity interval training workouts to you exercise regimen is an excellent way to boost your heart performance and improve your stamina. A high intensity interval training workout involves workouts which vary in speed from quite average and relaxed, to fast moving and extreme. These workouts usually alternate between two levels of strength in short bursts or time periods which result in forcing your body's metabolism higher, burning more fat than if you were moving at a steady speed.

  2. I do this differently. I go for 15 minute jog then alternating 1 minute sprint, 2 minute jog up to 20 minutes. I can go as much as 30 minutes but 40 minutes is too much for me.

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